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May. 23rd, 2016

23rd-May-2016 04:30 pm - Crafty parrot stuff
Hi friends, just wanted to share some crafty birdy endeavours as of late from my Etsy shop. First up is a budgie colouring book! It's all budgies featuring drawings made from photos of Mr. Jill, Moxie, Mellow and Feisty. It's a PDF that you can print again and again for personal use only. Fun for all ages!

The second is perfect if you want some easy parrot decor. If you don't have a digital die cutter, just let me know and I can make you some! You can also use the pictures as clip art or make stencils on your own. All the pictures are made from my own sketches and there are five birds - budgie, cockatiel, lovebird, cockatoo and macaw. I hung up two of the samples on my kitchen wall :-D I want to make a mobile of them too.

Pazzles Parrot Cutting File

May. 5th, 2016

5th-May-2016 08:46 pm - All about Muffin
Muffin Buffin
Muffin's fecal gram stain came back completely normal last month. Whatever the problem is, it seems to have sorted itself out. I think he was feeling anxiety over us leaving plus my own anxiety about being a vendor at an event this past weekend. We also live across the street from a bus stop where school children get off. I happened to be home one Friday and the kids were freaking him out. Anyway...all is good!

Here is a little cartoon I made of Muffin...he's a total scavenger and having any kind of bread, pasta or rice for a meal usually means he's not invited :-D Click through for larger!

Turbo Enmuffilator

Apr. 10th, 2016

10th-Apr-2016 08:21 am(no subject)
birds, peaceful
We went to the vet yesterday and got there a little early. Muffin screamed the whole time in the waiting area. Our vet is an emergency vet as well, so there's exotics and other pets. I kept apologizing to the other people there.

Dr. W thought Muffin looked good. On the surface he couldn't see any problem with Muffin except that he is a little overweight at 109 grams. He mentioned that at Muffin's age, kidney and liver problems become apparent. I was concerned that he was going to be losing weight with all the plotzing. Dr. W took a poop sample and we'll get the results by Wednesday and see what the problem is there.

I was able to buy PediaLyte in a small bottle and I put a small drop on some oatmeal for him to eat. Things did look a little better after that.

I was home most of yesterday and Muffin's poops were totally normal. I don't know if he's experiencing anxiety during the day or around the time I come home. He's been so active that it would be hard to say there is something wrong with him :-D I am going to see if we can set up an old cell phone as a web cam so I can see what he does all day :-D I feel less worried now that we've been to the vet.

Apr. 7th, 2016

7th-Apr-2016 06:56 am - The scoop is in the poop
birds, peaceful

Hi parrot lovers, I was wondering if anyone else had this problem with their bird. We will be going to the vet on Saturday.

We went away for Easter weekend and it seems to have stressed Muffin out like crazy. We have left the birds before for a weekend, but maybe something happened, maybe it's because it's spring...but since then, while we are off at work during the day, for no better lack of a term, Muffin just keeps plotzing in one spot. The urates are all water with some solids. I am going to get some PediaLyte after work because the newspaper can't handle it :/. His morning poop and poop when we are home are normal. He was so excited when we got home that he couldn't stop emergency pooping :/

I thought maybe his seed and Zupreem were off, so I bought fresh bags, but no change.

Hopefully a poop test will get to the bottom of things, but it would help to know if someone else had the same problem.

Mar. 6th, 2016

Does anyone here have experience with termite extermination?

A neighbor says she found termite droppings in her apartment, and thinks the entire building will have to be tented. Obviously, my Sennie and I will be out for as long as necessary, whether tenting is needed or spot treatment, but I'm concerned about what's a safe period of time afterward. Exterminators always hand out info about what's safe for "pets," but I have my doubts that they actually know about birds, and I want to make sure I don't bring her back in until it's absolutely, positively safe.

I'd be very grateful for any help or advice!

Mar. 4th, 2016

4th-Mar-2016 07:00 am - It's spring!
Muffin Buffin
Muffin is in major nesting mode and Feisty is singing sparrow songs...it's spring!

Lately Muffin has been so funny. He's been climbing around the budgie cage and screaming at Feisty. Or else he whistles and makes heart shaped wings at Feisty. What? Feisty, always the friendly budgie, immediately tried to make friends with Muffin by barfing in his mouth. Muffin was so grossed out, but that's what you get when you leave your beak wide open ;-) Feisty has tried this a few more times and it always makes Muffin angry...but I don't know why Muffin is climbing around the budgie cage in the first place...or keeps doing it. Birds, man!

Here's a gratuitous photo of my big fluff:

He"s cute but...

Feb. 2nd, 2016

2nd-Feb-2016 08:32 am - Veggies - cooked or raw?
If you feed your bird veggies, do you give it raw, cooked, or a combination? I've always made a mix that's half cooked and half raw, and then fridge a few days worth and freeze the rest. And then my partner asked me why I cook it at all. Is there a good reason to take the time and effort to cook it all, or am I just being silly?

Jan. 3rd, 2016

Nov. 5th, 2015

5th-Nov-2015 06:48 am - Life in the Birdhouse
birds, peaceful
Mellow is the last budgie that I would call obnoxious, but she has been so obnoxious!

She developed a fascination with her reflection in the mirror and the craft cabinet and so very wants to meet that other bird. She's been running up and down the one perch and squashing herself between it and the food cup in order to get out.

This developed into a little flying routine where she would try to escape, flap to the lower perch then up to the main perch. Now she forgoes the escaping part and does a little circuit around the cage - down, up, across, down, up, across, down, up, across and the pattern of her wing flaps is so annoying. Flap, flap, fla-flap! Flap, flap, fla-flap!

It's driving Muffin and Feisty crazy, particularly Feisty, because every so often she pauses on the main perch to flap and scream while he's sitting there. Sometimes she lets go of the perch and hovers while flapping and screaming.

Mellow flew on the weekend. Mellow is not a good flyer. Is it sad that she never learned to fly? How is that possible? Her tumour makes it a little difficult and for the first five years of her life she was never let out of the cage because it was located in a hotel.

She flew a few times when we brought her home, but it was disastrous. Usually young budgies learn quickly to avoid walls - but not Mellow. She didn't have much motivation to fly until she met her reflection. Feisty used to sit on top of the cage and chirp encouragement, then he began to flap and scream it. It was kind of like when my husband tried to teach me how to drive ;)

Anyway, Mellow finally braved the open door and flew! Badly. I had to catch her after a while. She couldn't figure out how to get back in the cage. But I think she enjoyed her big adventure because she is still doing her little circuit. Now she over shoots the main perch just a little so she can gracefully land on it. It's never too late to learn!

So...now that I got out, how do I get in? Collapse )


Sep. 22nd, 2015

22nd-Sep-2015 05:01 pm - Peas for Feisty
birds, peaceful

I wrote this on September 10th, but forgot to LJ it. Feisty took peas from my hand a second time :)


I was so proud of Feisty yesterday. As you may remember, he is as wild and untamed as the day we got him from the humane society. Yesterday he ate two peas from my fingertips. Years ago I discovered that he loved peas and always put some in his treat hopper.

Muffin had to be on probiotics back in May as the vet thought his fecal bacteria count was too high. This included Sunshine Factor. Muffin wouldn't take the syringe, so I got creative and dripped the dose over peas and he ate them from a spoon. Feisty saw this going on and would shyly come to the corner of the cage closest to me. Want peas!

His desire was mixed with fear and he wouldn't eat them off the spoon. The budgies, being untamed, kind of tolerate my hand. When I change their food or water they grip the perch with apprehension even though it's only the bird lady that grabs them.

Yesterday I was feeding peas to Muffin as a treat by hand and Feisty ventured over to the corner of the budgie cage. He fluffed up his head. Want peas!

I squished a pea open and held it through the bars. He flapped away, then flapped back, unsure. He approached it with that trepidation familiar to all budgie owners - close enough to reach, but far enough away just in case. I realized that I was part of the problem. Feisty doesn't like to be looked at. At the humane society he tried to make himself as invisible as possible :). I looked away and after a few moments, I felt a little tug.

He ate another pea, then decided that was enough for one day. I put more peas in his treat cup. I can't wait to try again :)

Sep. 2nd, 2015

2nd-Sep-2015 10:15 am - Massachusetts Boarding?
Is anyone here familiar with either The Bird Guru or Featherbed Resort for Birds, both in Metrowest Massachusetts? Or does anyone have other recommendations for boarders in Eastern MA? I've recently moved to the Boston area and I'm looking for a place to board Kappa when I travel. These both sound really similar: a bunch of cages near each other, time out of the cage for each bird, feed a veggie mix, full spectrum lighting, require a vet health certificate but not specific tests (e.g., no chlamydia test required), same price.

And below the cut, a few pictures of Kappa in the process of moving. :) Pictures hereinCollapse )

Aug. 23rd, 2015

23rd-Aug-2015 03:30 pm - Question about a crow
Whilst it is not about parrots - I thought maybe someone would have helping information...

My mother has just been given a crow who doesn't have the upper half of his beak.
I haven't seen the bird so far and so I don't have photos yet - I migth be able to get some tonight or tomorrow morning.
Would normally the beak grow back ?
I have checked some local forums about smaller birds like canaries etc, and seems like these birds are getting it growing back... what about crows ?

(Note - Altough there are some who are interested in birds as well... There's no trustable and expert veterinaries for birds here - I'm in Istanbul-Turkey)

Aug. 20th, 2015

20th-Aug-2015 11:10 am - Boarding in Eastern Massachusetts?
Can anyone recommend a boarder in Eastern Massachusetts? I'm located in Somerville, and Kappa is a dusky conure. Thanks! :)

Aug. 9th, 2015

9th-Aug-2015 09:51 am - Five Feisty Years
I took this picture the other week of Feisty, just before the fifth anniversary of when we adopted him from the humane society. Alas he was in the middle of a very hard moult, which shows. I found his papers recently too. It's so hard to believe - I had no expectations for his health when we got him, and he does have a tumour or something weird going on with him - his beak overgrows. I really have no idea how old he is, as he was an adult when we got him. He is still wild and untamed, but he's such a good budgie and so smart. He chows down on Zupreem and new foods and pushes Mellow out of the way for a lettuce bath. He's a very attentive spouse and preens Mellow every hour, it seems!

I suppose if I knew that I would be taking photos of him, I would have cleaned all of Muffin's powder off the mirror :-)

Jul. 16th, 2015

16th-Jul-2015 02:05 am - Parakeet Gender
Hi everyone,

This year we added a parakeet to our family. When we brought it home with us we thought it might be a female because it has a light brownish cere and it wasn't very talkative. We also have "Pajareeta", a female lutino cockatiel. After quarantining our new parakeet and seeing that it got along with our 'tiel we put them in the same cage together. Everything was great, however, just recently the two of them have started to mate :eek: is this okay or do I need to separate them so my 'tiel doesn't start laying infertile eggs?

Btw, we have dna sexed the 'tiel and we are sure she's female. But we haven't had the chance to do the same for our Parakeet. Can anyone tell from looking at these pictures what gender it might be?



Jun. 28th, 2015

28th-Jun-2015 04:54 pm - Infertile eggs - how long to leave
I have a question regarding the time span infertile eggs should be kept in a disinterested cockatiels' cage. Xposted to cockatiels.

Info here.Collapse )

Jun. 26th, 2015

26th-Jun-2015 02:47 pm - Goodbye Sydney

I've been posting to this community for years, so I figured I should say this. I had to put my lovebird Sydney down last week. He was almost 19 years old. I think I gave him a pretty good life. He was an amazing flyer, and had a great little personality. It was hard deciding how much suffering was too much for him, but it finally got to that point. I'm really struggling with him not snuggling in my neck right now. The picture above is the last picture taken of him.

Thanks to everyone here that gave advice over the years. I was twelve when I got him, so I was clueless. People here have been very helpful.

Jun. 19th, 2015

19th-Jun-2015 06:51 am - The Secret Life of Pets
I hope there's a lot more of the budgie than in the trailer! Would love for some budgie toys too :-) The trailer is here.

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