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Jul. 7th, 2014

7th-Jul-2014 10:53 pm - Question on taming
Mazz - CUTE
Once Beep is out of the cage he is pretty easy going. He'll sit on my hand, shoulder, laptop (pictures, him sleeping on my laptop and eating delicious seeds while sitting on my hand).

He will hiss sometimes a little when he doesn't wanna step up from my laptop or when I want him to switch hands and will threaten to bite and put his beak on my hand but hasn't actually bitten me, I just keep my hand there and he after threatening to bite will step up. So it's all going really well.

My question is how do I get him to come out of the cage, he will sit at the door but won't step up if I try to get him too and will flee back to the back of his cage. I don't want to forcefully grab him to get him out.

Got any tips/tricks on getting him to be more willing to come out of the cage in the first place?


Jul. 5th, 2014

5th-Jul-2014 09:21 am - PediPaws?
Has anyone here ever purchased and used a PediPaws or another dremel / rotary nail filer with their bird? If so, what brand, what did you think of it, what size bird did you use it with, and what'd your bird think of it? Thanks! :)

Jul. 2nd, 2014

Me and Spike
So, parrot_lovers , I have a question about cages/housing, and I have a lot of back story to go with it...

Brutus (our ~10 year old cockatiel) has a cage that measures 21Wx18D. For a possible future cockatiel I have found a cage that I like that's 24Wx18D. I have been thinking though...Brutus LOVES other birds. He is the gentlest (doesn't know how to close his beak when he's biting) biggest bird-lover I've ever met. If I leave a framed cockatiel picture nearby he will spend all day staring lovingly at it. He was great with Spike (my old man 'tiel who passed away at age 20 a few years ago). If anything, he was overly loving and didn't know how to back off when Spike was uninterested, haha.

Anyway, I'm thinking that a young cockatiel and a total bird-loving cockatiel might choose to co-habitate in the same cage? Brutus is allowed pretty much unlimited out-of-cage time while we're home; his door just stays open and he stays on/around his cage on various perches. If a new bird's cage were accessible to him I'm sure he would choose to spend all his time with the other bird. I only kept him and Spike in separate cages because Spike didn't realize that he himself was a bird; he was *my* constant companion and only just tolerated other people/birds. They had all their play time out together though.

So, now that you have my life story, do you think I might be better off looking for a cage more along the lines of 32Wx18D to better accommodate two birds, should they choose to live together? I've never housed birds together so I don't know how that really works as far as guaranteeing compatibility and safety and enough space and all that.

Sorry for writing you a novel! Thanks for any insight!

Jun. 30th, 2014

Mazz-Bird Overload

I adopted him from the humane society. No name yet.
He was found as a stray outside and I saw him while he was still unavailable. He became available yesterday so I went and got him.
It took some coaxing to get him to step up and he hasn't stepped up again since, he flies like crap and does not understand what a wall is. His feathers are pretty shabby which I'm not surprised about from a bird who was found outside.

I'm debating on clipping him for hand taming so he doesn't hurt himself smashing into walls when trying to fly, he's really inquisitive and is right now singing at the guy mowing the grass outback behind the house. He sings at everyone but backs up if you try to reach for him but quickly returns front and center when you pull your hand away, I'm hoping this is a good sign for taming.

None of my budgies are tame, they'll step up if they have too (I'm ok with it, they have eachother for company and they are happy and fun to watch even if they won't love me back lol)

(for record I now have 3 budgies and a cockatiel, though budgie count might increase to 4 if this lone male budge is still at the humane society on pay day, an even flock of 4 will fit nicely in my budgie cage.)

He is scared of the spray millet, I left some in there so he can figure out how amazing it is.

Jun. 22nd, 2014

22nd-Jun-2014 12:11 pm - Goofy IRNs!
birds, peaceful
I hope you can all see this video that I found on Facebook and fortunately found on YouTube. It's a HOOT! It makes Muffin whistle and squeak. My husband asked me what the heck I was watching :-D

Jun. 5th, 2014

5th-Jun-2014 10:06 am(no subject)
tenma drawing

I thought this was too cute not to share!

May. 29th, 2014

birds, peaceful
Just a heartwarming little video about a baby lovebird born with splayed legs, and the clever splints used to reshape them so he can run around :-)

May. 24th, 2014

24th-May-2014 02:53 pm - Mr. Feisty
It's only taken me four years to make an icon for Feisty :-)

May. 23rd, 2014

23rd-May-2014 06:30 pm - E. coli water warning and birds
Pimpin' - FMA
Hello all, hopefully you guys are still around! I posted this to another forum, but people there don't seem to understand my issue specifically. I thought about posting it to the parrot Reddit, but I figured everyone would freak out and misinterpret me there too. I know you guys here are pretty knowledgeable and I respect your opinions a lot!

Alright. So I live in Portland, OR. We have open reservoirs for all of our water supplies, and our water is treated with chlorine before it enters the reservoir. It's a weird method, but our water is amazing quality and they test often so nothing weird is happening. It's all river runoff from our local snowy mountain.

Well, apparently the city found trace amounts of E. coli in the supply on Tuesday, but due to testing protocol, hasn't informed us until today. So my birds and I have been drinking and bathing in "E. coli water" since Tuesday. They didn't specify the ppm or anything, and they said the "risk of infection is very low", with the worst-case scenario being a small bout of diarrhea in humans. This isn't the type of E. coli that you get off meat/veggies that's severely dangerous. Basically some animal crapped in the reservoir and they're required by federal law to inform us about it.

My main worry is that I decided to thoroughly clean my cages and all toys yesterday, before the warning went out. Fucking rotten luck, right? I scrubbed and soaked everything with Dawn+water, then rinsed.

I'm already giving the birds boiled water now, with some apple cider vinegar in there as well. None of us have shown any symptoms. But what about my cages? Are they all contaminated now? Should I even worry about it?

I tried researching this online and it's near impossible to find information, some reputable resources say E. coli dies within 3-42 hours on dry surfaces. Some articles say it lives for months. None of the information specifies if we're talking about the deadly strain from meat, or a mild strain, or what the environment is like where the bacteria lives. For example, it makes much more sense that E. coli will grow and live forever in a dirty barn or whatever. But my cages are all dry now. I have rope perches and they're all dry. And since everything is super clean and my birds aren't messy at all, I should theoretically be okay, right?

Anybody else have experience with this? The thought of tearing down the flight cages and cleaning them and everything in them again with dozens of pots of boiling water makes me want to scream. I'll do it if I absolutely need to, because I care immensely for my parrots. But I sure would like to avoid it if it's unneeded. Could I wiped the surface of everything with vinegar or a bleach solution or something? Do I even need to do that at all? My gut tells me that I have nothing to worry about, but I would like more input.

Thanks everyone!
23rd-May-2014 06:45 am - Your Friday Funny!
tee hee
Which was actually published yesterday...


May. 15th, 2014

15th-May-2014 06:20 am - Henry the Conure
A marker sketch of my friend's parrot that I included in a package for her :-)


May. 10th, 2014

10th-May-2014 10:49 am - Belated Friday Funny
Muffin Buffin
Muffin was extremely interested when I was doing a puzzle on the coffee table...and couldn't understand why I kept taking him off of it!


Apr. 22nd, 2014

22nd-Apr-2014 09:44 pm - Ear plugs and band-aids
birds, peaceful
So, how are you all making out with springtime and your fids?

Apr. 19th, 2014

19th-Apr-2014 03:32 pm - Budgie introduction
(click images for full view).

Introduced the budgies today, so far so good, no real fighting, a bit of tussling over who gets the coveted fake branch.
Nimbus (blue and white) and Blizzard (white) seem to get along to far.

Now I need a couple boys haha. BUDGIE FLOCK BEGINS!

I'm in the market for an eye pop-up small tent, i saw a cool way to get your budgies comfortable with you in an enclosed area using a small tent filled with perches and toys.


Apr. 18th, 2014

18th-Apr-2014 03:11 pm - Parrot movie!
Anybody else seen Rio 2 yet?

My short, non-spoiler review is that if you can't be entertained by animated parrots for two hours, don't bother. Given that this community is the best place I know to find people who fit that profile, I thought I'd go into more depth here.

Mild spoilers under the cut, probably more severe to come in the comments. You've been warned!

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Apr. 12th, 2014

I'm really enjoying writing controversial things -- that will undoubtedly happen again. :) I've got interesting ones in my head on flight and keeping parrots in pairs too.

Anyways, for now -- baby vs adult.


Apr. 1st, 2014

But maybe we can have some conversations!

Or at least you can see sweet old pictures of my parrots as babies. Either way. :)

Mar. 24th, 2014

I accidentally another budgie.
I have her (I think it's a her) in quarantine for now, any tips on how long to keep her in quarantine before attempting introductions with Nimbus?

Her age is unknown she only has a solid color plastic band but nothing with information, she was found abandoned with a few other birds.
She stepped up at the humane society and I was sold.
I am pretty sure her name will be Blizzard.


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Mar. 22nd, 2014

22nd-Mar-2014 08:35 pm - A repost from my blog...
Since very few people are posting here these days (alas), I figured I would share a post that I made. I've been posting a number of pictures and fun posts for an audience of mostly non-parrot people, and wanted to point out that parrots suck.

So I posted this entry there.

Feel free to share if you think it'd be helpful to anyone else.

Anyone else have good posts on living with parrots?

Mar. 16th, 2014

Hi peeps, one of the few local bird rescues in town, Birdline, had a fire that affected the home of the group's executive director as well as killing about two dozen birds :-(

Here's a video about the rescue from January:

Here's a story about the fire (the picture included is not related :-P)

And here's a link to a fundraiser for the birds that survived, but had to be treated:

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