ejw829 (ejw829) wrote in parrot_lovers,

Apartment-friendly parrots?

Out of curiousity, what species of parrots do you feel are suitable for apartment (or condo, townhome, duplex) dwellers? Do you have personal experiences to share?

Background: I'm closing in on the year anniversary of Beetle's (lovebird) passing and am finally feeling ready to commit to another parrot. With my living situation (apartment above a funeral home; the building is used maybe 2-3 times monthly for viewings & services), MANY species are out of the question (cockatoos, macaws, aratinga conures and likely Amazons). I'm considering a lovebird again or maybe a cockatiel. Many folks have suggested green-cheeked conures (and other pyrrhura species) and I'm awfully tempted. However, I just read two seperate listings for GCCs in my area needing to be rehomed due to apartment living, so I'm certainly having second thoughts. 

Please understand that I am fully aware the noise + parrots = is pretty much a given. I also understand that there are always exceptions to the rule (an excessively screechy cockatiel or a quiet cockatoo). I fully expect there to be noisy outbursts from time to time and my landlords (also my employers) are OK with that. They never had an issue with Beetle and do not have issues w/ an employee who lives above the other funeral home w/ her cockatiel. 

Thanks so much,



ETA: I live in NJ so quakers, psittacula parrots and Patagonian conures are not a consideration on any level. 

Also: the apartment runs the length of the funeral home, if that makes any sense. I always kept Beetle on the OPPOSITE end of the actual viewing room/parlor, which certainly helped during viewings and such. He could get a little noisy towards sunset but we never once had a family comment on that in the time that he was with me.  
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