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Cockatiel Crochet

This is the first of two posts about crochet and cockatiels and both kind of happened at the same time. I was at a holiday market this weekend and just happened to be across from a vendor named Jubblier and she had crochet budgies and a cockatiel. You can bet I bought one of each! They are as just as cute as they are on their Etsy listing.

My real tiel wasn't so sure about the imposter :-D

Crochet cockatiel

Feather cysts

Feather cysts!

After decades of having birds, I finally have my first case of a feather cyst. The budgies are all moulting right now and I thought that one of the budgies, Will, had roughed himself up. The bird lady came today and confirmed that it was a feather cyst. We will probably go to the vet, but any and all stories would be appreciated right now. It's not bothering him and he's not picking at it.
Muffin Buffin

Ahhhhh Muffin!

I know I don't have to explain to folks how destructive birds can be...whenever Muffin finds a hidey hole, I put lots of stuff in there like boxes and paper so he doesn't chew on the walls.

Muffin stripped the vinyl covering off the baseboards to bare wood. You can't buy this kind of trim anymore, so we'll have to get some pine. Last year I was on the ball about putting some wood around there, but instead of buying pine, my husband bought cedar because it's more durable. That's true, but apparently cedar can be toxic to birds, so that was a no go.
Muffin Buffin

My little dinosaur!

For $5 I got an accidental piece of paleoart yesterday at a craft sale. I think the artist may have mixed up cockatiels and cockatoos, but no matter. He asked if he could draw me a dinosaur, I suggested a cocaktiel and got something in-between. I'm trying to imagine herds of six foot cockatiels wailing and screaming, hehe.

99% Invisible recently did a half hour podcast on the transformation of paleoart from sluggish grey lizardosaurs to dynamic feathery beasts. So worth a listen.

birds, peaceful

No harness required!

I impulse bought this 36" nylon kite for $9.99 from Bed Bath and Beyond a few months ago and it was finally the perfect summery windy day to test it out! To be honest, I thought it was going to be bigger and technically it IS 36" from tip to tip, but you know how one's imagination gets carried away!

The kite was delightful to fly and I thought I had $9.99 worth of fun today. Either I'm bad at flying kites or there's something about it that makes it prone to nose diving, because that happened A LOT. The same company, X Kites, makes a 52" macaw, so perhaps a big kite is easier to fly.

Parrot kite

Separation Anxiety Green cheek :(

Hi all,

About a week ago I brought home a 2 year old greencheek conure (from craigslist). She's a pretty laid back little bird, and warmed up to me and husband pretty quickly. Her previous owner didn't use a command for step up (just held out a finger) so I've been coupling the finger with 'step up' and 'down' for putting her down on a perch/surface.

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I'm sure part of it also is just getting used to a new bird myself and their unique personalities. My sun conure of 14 years passed away 2.5 years ago due to an incurable neurological issue, and I miss him a lot. :( So, I'm used to conure level screaming, but even I taught my sun an appropriate replacement contact call and he resorted to conure screaming rarely.

I'm happy to see there are still some folks around, man, I really miss lj..
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Bird Talk

I don't know if anyone is still around here anymore, but just in case...

I am going to be doing some serious decluttering this weekend and stuff has to go, some of which is several boxes of old Bird Talk magazines from the 1990s. I will be keeping the Grey issues but the others will be going to recycle unless anyone here wants some? Take one or a bunch, only asking actual cost of mailing to you. They'll be in used condition and probably dusty but readable and possibly collectible in the future since it's no longer a print magazine.

Let me know what you're interested in and I'll get back with you after the weekend.