Tee hee!

We had a surprise visit last weekend from a friend who brought us a copy of a card game called Trash Pandas, some chocolate and the awesome budgie plushie below. It's Sweetpea from The Secret Life of Pets! I just love it :-) My friends know me so well!

Sweetpea the budgie
Muffin Buffin

Life with Muffin

I placed a big order with Parrot Trends a few weeks ago and here's some of the fun stuff that arrived. Muffin's old X-shaped perch was chewed up and needed replacing. He got a toenail caught in another perch, so that one went. Muffin doesn't deal with change easily. He also hasn't shown interest in the new toys. I gave the pinata to the budgies and they feel meh about it too.

Assortment of bird toys

Muffin was not happy when I replaced the perch. It was totally the wrong colour and in his mind, nothing was wrong with the old one! He worked hard to chew it up, darnit!

Unhappy about the new perches

Put a bird on it!

Hi friends, here's another budgie themed homework project from my art class. I'm kind of embarrassed how much glue went into this. I wanted to try a technique using soutache cord, but I didn't have time to order the cord. I only had Michaels available to me and they didn't quite have the supplies or stones I wanted. The blue stone is actually an upside down pendant :-D

I also wanted to wire wrap the branch, feet and beak, but that didn't work out either. As my friend says, life is all about Plan B :-D This really feels like a prototype. I would like to try it again and make a wearable pin.

Blue budgie artwork
birds, peaceful

Birds in art :-)

Hi birb friends, I'm taking two classes towards my BFA this semester and one of them is all about ornamentation. If there's a way to sneak a budgie into homework, I'll find it :-D We had to design three different patterns and this is my figural example. I took some drawings from my budgie colouring book. My goal was 80s inspired and it ended up more pastel than Lisa Frank, LOL! I would really like to see this one on a shirt. I think I could add another budgie and improve where the edges meet. Pattern making is such a journey. Here is what it looks like tiled.

Tiled budgie pattern

Bird Talk magazine

I am cleaning my spare room from the clutter that accumulated when we moved. I have several boxes of Bird Talk magazine from the 1990s. They're not "collectible" condition but not falling apart, and I hate to trash them if someone would like one or several. Not charging for the magazines but would appreciate a few bucks for mailing costs. I will be taking them to the recycle next weekend so if you are interested, please let me know ASAP what type of bird/article you're interested in and I can pick those out for you (and if you're in driving distance of south Georgia you can have the whole lot if you want to pick them up).

Also have some old Reptiles issues if you know anyone herpy. :)