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Parrot Lovers Community
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Question about a crow 
23rd-Aug-2015 03:30 pm
Whilst it is not about parrots - I thought maybe someone would have helping information...

My mother has just been given a crow who doesn't have the upper half of his beak.
I haven't seen the bird so far and so I don't have photos yet - I migth be able to get some tonight or tomorrow morning.
Would normally the beak grow back ?
I have checked some local forums about smaller birds like canaries etc, and seems like these birds are getting it growing back... what about crows ?

(Note - Altough there are some who are interested in birds as well... There's no trustable and expert veterinaries for birds here - I'm in Istanbul-Turkey)
23rd-Aug-2015 11:33 pm (UTC)

Poor guy, I wish I could help.

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