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Parrot Lovers Community
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Question about a crow 
23rd-Aug-2015 03:30 pm
Whilst it is not about parrots - I thought maybe someone would have helping information...

My mother has just been given a crow who doesn't have the upper half of his beak.
I haven't seen the bird so far and so I don't have photos yet - I migth be able to get some tonight or tomorrow morning.
Would normally the beak grow back ?
I have checked some local forums about smaller birds like canaries etc, and seems like these birds are getting it growing back... what about crows ?

(Note - Altough there are some who are interested in birds as well... There's no trustable and expert veterinaries for birds here - I'm in Istanbul-Turkey)
26th-Aug-2015 08:43 am (UTC)
By the way it was obvious he could not go back to the wild, even if he had made it longer than the 24 hours with us. We would have kept him, we already have three other crows, and two seagulls- they're with us because they're not able to fly. And then an african grey, who's ok in health, and cats and dogs.. Full house :)
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