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Massachusetts Boarding? 
2nd-Sep-2015 10:15 am
Is anyone here familiar with either The Bird Guru or Featherbed Resort for Birds, both in Metrowest Massachusetts? Or does anyone have other recommendations for boarders in Eastern MA? I've recently moved to the Boston area and I'm looking for a place to board Kappa when I travel. These both sound really similar: a bunch of cages near each other, time out of the cage for each bird, feed a veggie mix, full spectrum lighting, require a vet health certificate but not specific tests (e.g., no chlamydia test required), same price.

And below the cut, a few pictures of Kappa in the process of moving. :)

2015-08-09 11.02.39
Kappa and her disassembled AE flight cage.

2015-08-09 09.20.45
Kappa and her Poquito Avian Hotel which she used for a few days before the move.

2015-08-13 19.32.08
Looking out a hotel room window in Western NY, night 3 of the trip.

2015-08-14 19.26.22-2
Settling back in to her home in its new location.
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