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Parrot Lovers Community
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The scoop is in the poop 
7th-Apr-2016 06:56 am
birds, peaceful

Hi parrot lovers, I was wondering if anyone else had this problem with their bird. We will be going to the vet on Saturday.

We went away for Easter weekend and it seems to have stressed Muffin out like crazy. We have left the birds before for a weekend, but maybe something happened, maybe it's because it's spring...but since then, while we are off at work during the day, for no better lack of a term, Muffin just keeps plotzing in one spot. The urates are all water with some solids. I am going to get some PediaLyte after work because the newspaper can't handle it :/. His morning poop and poop when we are home are normal. He was so excited when we got home that he couldn't stop emergency pooping :/

I thought maybe his seed and Zupreem were off, so I bought fresh bags, but no change.

Hopefully a poop test will get to the bottom of things, but it would help to know if someone else had the same problem.

7th-Apr-2016 10:52 pm (UTC)
owww, poor Muffin :( I hope it's nothing serious, maybe he just missed you and now he needs a bit more of time and scratches to feel better ^^ I hope it's something like that and not an illness. Good luck!
8th-Apr-2016 02:30 am (UTC)

Thanks for the luck! Muffin is such a needy soul - he likes lots of attention so you could be right. He isn't a hands on kind of bird unfortunately (we are his third home) although I wish he was cuddly! I have been spending a lot of time with him. He is his usual active, screaming and energetic self. It will be nice to get things cleared up - we usually take him for his annual exam in May anyway!

I gave him a drop of PediaLyte on some oatmeal, so I hope that helps with the water loss during the day.

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