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Parrot Lovers Community
For everyone who loves companion birds
Crafty parrot stuff 
23rd-May-2016 04:30 pm
Hi friends, just wanted to share some crafty birdy endeavours as of late from my Etsy shop. First up is a budgie colouring book! It's all budgies featuring drawings made from photos of Mr. Jill, Moxie, Mellow and Feisty. It's a PDF that you can print again and again for personal use only. Fun for all ages!

The second is perfect if you want some easy parrot decor. If you don't have a digital die cutter, just let me know and I can make you some! You can also use the pictures as clip art or make stencils on your own. All the pictures are made from my own sketches and there are five birds - budgie, cockatiel, lovebird, cockatoo and macaw. I hung up two of the samples on my kitchen wall :-D I want to make a mobile of them too.

Pazzles Parrot Cutting File
4th-Jun-2016 06:24 am (UTC)
Cute :) Do I spy Copic markers? I LOVE them!
5th-Jun-2016 10:30 pm (UTC)
Oh, you sure do!! I have so many of them. I started collecting them to replace my Prismacolors.
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