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Encouraging better care of pet parrots through shared information.
Parrot and bird lovers from all over are invited to share their stories, pictures, and ask questions for other bird owners here! You may join whether you have only one finch, an aviary full of large parrots, wanting to adopt or purchase a companion bird or if you simply love them whether you are owned by one or not. This forum is not limited to one particular type of companion bird, all are welcome!

1. Active and lively debate is welcome and encouraged. No one will ever be banned for having an opinion, regardless of who disagrees with it. Feel free to make whatever comments you would like about someone's ideas or opinions, but do not insult, critique, or harass other members.

For example:

"That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard," is completely acceptable, as you are discussing an idea.

"You are the dumbest person I have ever met," is not, it is speaking of the other person, not their ideas.

2. No spamming the boards. Advertisement for other parrot related communities is fine, but mass off-topic spam is not.

3. No trolling.

4. Pictures are allowed and loved, but please use common courtesy. Any picture bigger than 500 pixels wide should go behind a cut, and any pictures after the first one should be cut.

5. While cross-posting definitely isn't discouraged, common courtesy is appreciated (e.g. using the cut feature for pictures, large amounts of text, etc.).

6. Posts made with comments disabled will be deleted. Deleting comments is also not allowed. Regularly doing one or both may get you banned.

7. Please try to condense your posts into one post a day on average.

8. Advertisements for parrots up for adoption are welcome under the following circumstances: It is the poster's parrot that they are rehoming or the poster has met the person rehoming the parrot and verified their facts.

9. Complaints or concerns about the community should be addressed to the moderators at plmod at piantala dot org. We reserve the right to consider flounce posts or complaints off topic, and thus deleteable. Bringing your concerns directly to the moderators will handle the situation much more swiftly, efficiently, and maturely than airing dirty laundry for the whole community to dig through. For more information, check out the mod post here.

10. Please read and make use of the FAQ!

Your moderators are

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